Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love my life.

I love my life.

Grayson has been growing so much and does fun, neat stuff every day! He wasn't feeling great a couple of weeks ago and Rebecca took him in - he's gained a bunch 'o pounds! He, then, weighed 8lbs 12oz! I can't wait for his November 29th appointment - for a kid that didn't grow too much in the womb he is putting on the pounds like it ain't nothin'!

We also traveled to Tennessee to see my nephew, Knox, born on October 30! It was an amazing thing for another miracle to be born. Rebecca and I are quite smitten with Knox - and so is Grayson!

I'm in my third week of training with Apple! This is my first mention of it here at "...and then there were three". It has been pretty great. Last week I was in Richmond, and had to leave big baby Grayson with Rebecca. Thankfully my Mom came and helped Rebecca out. It was Grayson's first week at daycare AND Rebecca had a test on Friday. I got home about 6pm on Friday, and now back in Richmond for my last week here.

Life without Grayson has been tough. No lie. But in the words of Tom Hanks - Well,I'm gonna get out of bed every morning... breathe in and out all day long. I hate not being there to get him up in the morning, pick him up from daycare, and to fall asleep with him. The last week has shown me how much my life has been changed, and enlightened by my little-big man.

Well, I would be remiss if I didn't include some pictures.

BTW, we are using my new MobileMe account to hold all of Grayson's pictures! The best part is you all can see them too - any time you want to.

Grayson at 6 weeks old!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Hibachi lunch for Mommy's birthday!

Grayson had a KUNG FU grip on his chop sticks! Held them for hours!

Love him....

Cousin Knox and Aunt B 10/30/10

Grayson and Knox's first Halloween play date!

Chilling with Knox at Maury Regional.

Grayson and Knox - look how BIG Grayson looks!

My Brother, Mom, Knox, Dad, Grayson, and Me. him.

Enjoying Augusta with Grayson.

Ok, that's it for now! Hopefully more frequent updating on the horizon!!

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