Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holy cow!!!

It has been 11 days since the lady in Student Health called me back to a private room, told me I was pregnant, asked me if it was a good thing, or did we need to talk about options. Man was she relieved when I told her the timing was not the greatest, but it was a good thing. Other than the extremely sore nipples, the occasional nausea, the desire to eat all the time, and the fact that I have continued to take a couple of pregnancy tests, it is hard to believe that I am actually pregnant. I can't feel anything or see anything. I am so ready for my doctors appointment in 10 days. I should get an ultrasound that morning!! If everything is ok, we will then announce this to the world. I will probably also post this for people other than Joe to read. We have told a few more people. My gross anatomy lab teacher assistant told a large group of people because I was wearing a mask and she proclaimed, "Well you either have TB or you are pregnant!" Our parents also know! They are so excited!!! I have to admit I was nervouse about telling my parents, but they were both very excited! I can't wait to see this little for one for the first time and hear that heart beat that started on day 22 when the two tubes joined to form one. I could go on about the heart development, but I will spare everyone. Now on to study pulmonary physiology.


mommara said...

We are so excited for you guys. Can't wait to follow your journey!

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