Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seven things I've always wanted to do...

...visit another country. Maybe Australia. It would be so cool to see such an exotic location. I would love to see all the different wildlife and see the Joeys - baby kangaroos.

 on a national political campaign. I have been enamored with the drama and strategy of elections since high school. I just got done listening to 'Game Changer' - the story of the 2008 presidential candidates and VPs. Boredom to most, riveting to me.

 near my family. I haven't lived near my family since college. As I've grown older...YIKES...I have been wanting to get closer. The biggest drag about living so far away is having to plan the trip and then the DRIVING. Right now it take 4 hours to get to Rebecca's family and 6-7 for mine. :(

...become more community driven. Serve on a local board or committee. Really make a difference in the areas I live and work in. 2009 was a year of progress and I hope to continue that in 2010.
...jump out of a flying plane (with a parachute of course). How AWESOME would it be to free fall from 20,000 miles in the air?
...ride in a hot air balloon. Similar to my last idea. I can't imagine the views from that high up.

...have a CHILD. This one is in progress! Little baby Pierce is the size of a blueberry. So cute and fun. I can't wait for him/her to be born, it is going to be absolutely amazing! We'll go on walks, teach some life lessons, and all-in-all have a blast.


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