Monday, August 9, 2010

67 days!

Grayson Thomas, 29 weeks 6 days

There are only 67 days until we expect Grayson's arrival. Many have predicted that he'll come early. As much as I would love for that to happen, my sanity is only allowing me to prepare for an October 15th birth. Anything earlier and I don't know if I'll be ready, physically or mentally.

Rebecca started her 2nd year of medical school today! This past weekend we would look at eachother with glazed, widened eyes and know exactly what the other was thinking - that it was our last weekend together without school or a kid for the rest of our lives. We have coyly enjoyed our "lasts before kids" moments, but this struck home big time. Wow. Never. Again.

Rebecca had a checkup and ultrasound last week that showed everything is progressing as needed. She gained a little weight (I wouldn't have shared that, but gaining weight during her pregnancy has been a goal). It does look like Grayson will inherit my nose, poor fella. Other than that we (as in Rebecca) have started looking at pediatricians for Grayson. How can you tell if someone is going to be an awesome kiddo Dr.?

A lot of work has gone into our jungle/monkey themed nursery the past couple of weeks. It is really starting to shape up, I can't wait until its finished and we do a blog reveal. Maybe we'll have our flipcam by then and Rebecca and I will do a makeover show reveal - wouldn't that be fun?

Two weekends ago I attended Sigma Chi's international workshop. Over 1,900 of my fraternity brothers were in attendance. It was an amazing time to reconnect with Sigs from my past as well as building relationships with other Sigs. I'll be starting a new volunteer adventure with Sigma Chi soon and hope to be a success. The conference renewed the resolve that I need to be an active alumnus to help keep Sigma Chi alive. I graduated 5 years ago and it now takes "work" to stay involved. There is no doubt that I want Grayson to be a Sigma Chi and its up to me to live the values and to help each new generation of Sigs along the way in order for it to continue.

Kappa Psi, my alma mater, named the Daniel William Cooper Award Winner 
(best scholastic program in the fraternity of over 230+ chapters)

BTW, I am writing this outside. While warm, it is not an extremely hot, humid day. It is nice to be one with nature, blogging, and drinking Zaxby's Sweet Tea. I imagine lots of fun playtime with Grayson outside when he gets here.

Our Front Yard Relaxation Space.



Pam said...

Holy ba-joe-joe. 67 days is like a minute away! I can't imagine how excited/scared/hopeful/joyful you are right now!! Can't wait to see Graysons room! I think a video reveal is a MUST!

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