Monday, August 23, 2010

This baby stuff is taking over our house!

Wow, have we been busy! We just had a great weekend with Robert and Brianne in Augusta. We did take a day trip to Charleston on Friday and had a blast. Charleston for the Pierces is all about good beach and even better food. We ate at Charleston Crab House (our old favorite) and Taco Boy (our new favorite). We had the BEST nachos at Taco Boy. Mmm....they haunt my dreams now. 

This is the best/only guacamole I've ever enjoyed and Rebecca's awesome fish taco!

It was important to get away and enjoy the beach because it was likely the last time the four of us will be together without Grayson and Knox. Robert and Brianne left about noon on Sunday to get back to Tennessee. We love when they are in town.

Saturday night when Robert and I were putting together Grayson's complicated Pack 'n Play, I thought 'this baby stuff is taking over our house!'. Walking around the house this am these are what I found...

Pack 'n Play in the Living Room

Grayson's Baby Journal on my end table

Vibrating jumper in the living room 

Artwork in the Guest/Grayson's Bathroom

Scanning our Baby Pictures in the Office

G for Grayson on the nursery door

A little bit of storage in the dining room

Parenting magazine in the bathroom

What to Expect and Rolaids on Rebecca's bedroom end table

Grayson's FIRST picture on the kitchen fridge.

Hope you had fun on our scavenger hunt!



mommara said...

So cute and trust me it quadruples once they come home. You guys are getting closer! So exciting.

Pam said...

I love it!! We have like 10 magazines on the toilet... sometimes I stay in there longer just to finish an article... TMI? LOL.

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