Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 1 - Your Favorite Song

Day 1 - Your Favorite Song

Music has always been special to me. I can think of specific moments in my life, and come up with the music that helped me through that phase. With that in mind it is difficult for me to have a 'favorite' song. Here are some of those favorites in no certain order....

Come Away with Me by Norah Jones - Norah got me through college - plain and simple. Her music calmed my heart and mind when things got really tough or busy. I remember turning off all the lights and lying in the floor listening to Come Away with Me.

Move...Get Out the Way by Ludacris - Early in my career I worked for a boss who didn't communicate very well. She made life and my development very difficult because she was afraid to have honest communication - good or bad. Move...Get Out the Way, although not great, was a release for me when I needed it most. Thanks, Luda.

Mud on the Tires by Brad Paisley - This reminds me of the October I met Jane. You can read about it at A Tale to Begin All Tales. I love her and I love our story.

Leave It In the Valley by Mandisa - Mandisa was a contestant on American Idol that got decently far. After being voted off she made a couple of albums. Her first album was released when I transitioned from Barnes and Noble to Bath and Body Works. That was a significantly difficult time. I left everything I knew and appreciated for something I knew NOTHING about. Mandisa's makes music that is easy to think to.

Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish - I found Hootie and the Blowfish late in their career, actually after disbanding. The summer that I worked at Old Navy in Greenwood I listened to the 'Cracked Rearview Mirror' E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y. It was great driving home with the windows down music. 'Let Her Cry' was a close second to a favorite. Darius Rucker by himself is decent to listen to as well.

Anything Like Me by Brad Paisley - Towards the end of Jane's pregnancy Anything Like Me by Brad Paisley started being played on the radio non-stop. It is a great Daddy/Son song. I used it as background as a video revel of my son's nursery, find it at Insider's Look at Grayson's Nursery.

What if I Stumble by DC Talk - When I was in high school I was addicted to Christian music. One of my favorite bands was DC Talk. I could listen to my DC Talk TAPE over and over...and over. What if I Stumble reappeared in my life a couple of months ago when I was struggling to find words for my emotions. When we found out Jane was pregnant I went through a period of "enlightenment" that helped me redefine my priorities and life goals. You can read about it at my A Change of Purpose blog entry. What if I Stumble helped me realize that any "mistakes" I made balancing my career and personal life would be ok, they were a part of my journey. Now every time I hear the song my heart goes heavy with thoughts of my enlightenment.

There are TOO many songs that remind me of my love, Jane. I'll just say that it is hard to listen to music and not think about where we heard it together, what it made me feel about her, or the minute significance it has had on our relationship.

See you all on Day 2 - My Favorite Movie

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