Friday, October 15, 2010

Today We Remember All the Babies Lost

In March Rebecca and I started blogging to chronicle our adventures with Blueberry, and subsequently Grayson. Looking back on all of the blogs it makes me happy to think about all the things we fretted over that worked out - naming Grayson, work/life issues, pre term labor, etc..

In July we were introduced to Small Bird Studio by a mutual friend. Small Bird Studio is the at home blog design studio of Franchesca. Franchesca, like many others, is living with having lost a loving child too early in their life. Her daughter, Jenna, was born 11 weeks early, and has been the inspiration Small Bird Studio. Franchesca's work in her daughter's honor is making the blog world more beautiful a couple of designs at a time. And we are thankful.

October 15th is marked for all to remember the babies who were lost. It is for Jenna we light this candle.

Anyone interested in updating their blog design, please use Franchesca's Small Bird Studio. She donates the $15 deposit from each design to a monthly charity that helps families dealing with baby loss.



Pam said...

Awww... I didn't know that about her. Beautiful post... very dificult time. :(

Franchesca said...

Thank you for remembering our Jenna :)

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