Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Quote: We took one look at you...

We took one look at you
and our hearts stood still.

Most of my time being awake is spent looking at Grayson. He does something new and cool every day. He has been with us for only 2 weeks and we already have over 400+ pictures, make that 500+ after his 2 week picture session. Grayson's Aunt Rachel gave Jane this wall quote - We took one look at you and our hearts stood still and it has landed in our living room and serves as the centerpiece to our wall of Grayson.

Without further ado....

Grayson LOVES his Mommy. 

Tummy time with Mommy. He has been holding his head up for a couple of seconds at a time. 

Awww......look at those eyes!

Grayson loves his Daddy.

Two Week Pictures...such a big boy. 

He LOVES to kick his feet in the air.


Sleeping on his Thomas the Train blanket.

Being picture shy on his 2 Week Birthady...

Mommy, Grayson time.

"Daddy please pick me up!!"

"Ooohhh, who's that handsome fella."

His carnival of fun!

Rebecca using her new glider to get work done while Grayson is bouncing.

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mommara said...

<3 the saying and the pictures. He is so sweet!

Pam said...

Love the photo wall! (sorry I've been MIA from your blog, catching up now. Yea sleeplessness!)

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